Smart Homes

Smart Homes are becoming the norm in the UK. Being able to control your heating remotely, or allow your house to make its own decisions are a great way to save energy and help the environment.

As a trusted Loxone and Nest Pro partner, I am able to undertake simple additions such as a smart thermostat to control your heating and hot water, all the way up to a fully smart home to control lighting, heating, multi-room audio and media, security, shading and ventilation.

Loxone Smart Homes

Loxone have a huge selection of different options to suit any scale of smart home.

Automation & Control

Intelligent automation and intuitive control will be processed by the Loxone Miniserver.

The Loxone system will be fully-scalable and future-ready thanks to an unparalleled ecosystem and a range of open interfaces.

100% Cloud-free – No data leaves your home. All logic is processed within your own four walls so you can be assured of privacy​.

Free app for control via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Smart Lighting

With the help of motion sensors, the lighting is automated and adjusts to the needs of the residents. Combine this intelligent automation with a variety of lighting sources and lighting groups to create individual lighting moods – allowing you to completely change the look and feel of any room in your home.

All lights can be automated, based on presence, time of day and light levels.

Smart Heating

The temperature can be set individually at room level or per zone.

Comfort temperatures and heating & cooling schedules can be individually adjusted.

Reduce energy cost and increase your level of comfort.

Self-learning zoned heating that knows when to turn on ensuring the comfort temperature is reached at the desired time.

Motion Sensors & Presence Detection

One of the most important functions in a smart home is the detection of movement or presence. The motion sensors detect presence in the room allowing for the intelligent automation of lighting, heating and cooling where applicable.
In some locations, presence detection can be used to control your multiroom audio system (if present).
Motion sensors are an essential for the burglar alarm functionality of a Loxone Smart Home.

Security & Access

Having smart security as part of your smart home is about more than just burglary protection. Your smart home watches over you and your family while at the same time protects itself against potential hazards such as the escape of water.

With intuitive integrated access control from Loxone, your burglar alarm is automatically deactivated when it knows that you have arrived home.